Summittime is first and foremost committed to our homeowner’s financial success, while maintaining the integrity of their homes. This approach is centered around ensuring a consistent quality of product and with it guest satisfaction.

Whereby we strive to develop a long term relationship with our clients (i.e. homeowners) based on loyalty, trust and preset performance indicators.


The last decade has seen a drastic change in the vacation rental market. As new distribution channels have emerged so has the size of the overnight market share. Ultimately democratizing the lodging industry by lower entries of barrier. Hence private investors are more likely to partake in the travel industry and benefit from it. At the same time, travelers have become more savvy and are generally well informed about the market and what is on offer. Increasing service provider’s know-how requirement and time dedication.

A successfully and profitable vacation rental requires a full time commitment from it’s host. Which encouraged a range of national and international vacation rental companies to emerge. Promising extraordinary revenue and income levels with little knowledge and presence in the local market they operate in.

Our focus is on Winter Park and exciting features it can provide to national and international travelers.

Core Team

                                                                                                                                    Cory Davis


                                                                                                                                               Real Estate Expert

         Milos Pakaski


      Hospitality Expert

 Cory Davis


Real Estate Expert

 Milos Pakaski


Hospitality Expert

Cory and Milos compliment each other with their diverse skill set. While Cory is  a Colorado local and has an in-depth knowledge of the area and the real estate market, Milos has traveled the world as a multi-linguist accumulating experience in the hospitality industry.

In addition, the core team utilizes strategic partners in the areas of online marketing, maintenance, cleaning and  leisure / recreation activities.

Bluebird Cleaning is one of our most prominent strategic partner. For more information please visit their website

Value Chain

Below is a simplified value chain diagram, indicating activities undertaken by the host and guest, divided between key stages of the travel timeline.

Our Services

First and foremost we have a commitment to our homeowner’s financial success, which is centered around a consistent quality of product and with it guest satisfaction. Each owner and their property will have specific needs and thoughts of what their requirements are, we feel that an all encompassing service is most effective with period performance reviews.


actively promote

the property

 on various

online platforms


apply proven

dynamic pricing

and up-selling




Search Engine



            customer care

maintaining continuous

contact with

guests, online

and in person


conduct potential

guest’s – online

background check and 

periodically inspect

the property


provide guest



their feedback


coordinate cleaning

and required

maintenance of

the property


maintain financial

records and

periodic prepare

performance reports

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