Eric Mason

Eric Mason has led numerous businesses, including private, public, and non-profit organizations, and has successfully started, developed, grown, sold, and repositioned these businesses. Eric strives to understand consumers and market trends by conducting constant in-depth quantitative and qualitative research and turning it into actionable strategies to achieve desired growth goals or outcomes. While growth is critical, internal cohesiveness and stability are equally vital during periods of growth and change. Eric leverages his high degree of emotional intelligence to understand teams and individuals and uses this orientation to ensure the team navigates changes with ease and continuity.

Eric also bridges the divide between traditional and emerging industries. He has been instrumental in facilitating emerging products and services' professionalization and mass adoption. Eric co-founded the industry's first dynamic pricing engine and the first channel management platform; both were acquired. Earlier in his career, Eric led the operations of one of the largest hotel central reservation system companies, SynXis, before Sabre acquired it.

Eric serves as a permanent or interim executive to support investors, boards, or ownership groups to realize the potential of their organization. Advising select companies pursuing new product and market expansion, development and exploration, starting-up, and companies in transition (M&A, Selling, or Turnarounds). He provides stability in times of turmoil and change.